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Introduction & How To Use This Guide

The emoji trading Order Flow Suite provides add-in indicators for supported trading platforms. Indicators are licensed individually or as part of the complete suite. The indicators interpret order flow traded volume to identify patterns that represent notable supply and demand events. The presence of such an event can be highlighted and associated price levels can be visualized and tracked using different EmojiZone visualization modes. The underlying EmojiZone data is also made available programatically to the trading platform to enable alerts and automated trading.

You can use this guide to:

  • learn how to add the indicators to your trading platform and activate your software license
  • quickly get up and running to explore the indicators
  • understand settings and outputs that are common to many of the indicators within the Order Flow Suite
  • learn about the different EmojiZone visualization modes and how to use them to track and assess the quality of supply and demand levels as they are revisited over time and their potential to hold, break or reverse roles
  • see how underlying EmojiZone data is presented to your trading platform
  • understand each individual indicator in detail including its purpose, input settings and outputs
  • explore specific advanced settings and their corresponding use cases
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