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EDGE Zones™

EDGE Zones™ identify Aggression over single or multiple price levels. You can fine-tune how aggressive traders are identified by the indicator. Examples of what you can achieve through changing the indicator settings are highlighting price levels where: 

  • there was at least 6x more buying than selling (or vice-versa) across 3 adjacent prices
  • a ‘massive imbalance’ of more than 10,000 contracts were bought or sold
  • there was 25x more buying than selling (or vice-versa) at a given price level
  • the net difference between buying and selling was at least 450 contracts

Please refer to the Pullback Analysis section (Sierra Chart only) to learn how EDGE Zones™ can be used for powerful trigger signals that are independent of your chart type and period.

Indicator Settings & Outputs Reference

Imbalance Settings

The imbalance settings are used to control how Aggressive trading is identified. Read this section: Imbalance Settings for a full explanation of each setting:

• Minimum Diagonal Bid/Ask Imbalance %
• Compare Zero Diagonal Bid/Ask Imbalances?
• Miniumum Volume
• Minimum Bid/Ask Delta

Minimum Adjacent Levels

Enter the least number of consecutive price levels required to trigger an EDGE Zones™ Supply/Demand Event. Aggressive trading over multiple adjacent levels is also referred to as a Stacked Imbalance.

Pullback Evaluation (Sierra Chart only)

Select whether the indicator is to be used to analyse pullback order flow. Please refer to the Pullback Analysis section for a detailed explanation of this mode.

Indicator Offset (Ticks)

The number of ticks away from the bar high/low that the Supply/Demand indicator Output Signals are drawn.


This indicator provides:

Output Signals
EmojiZone Data
Pullback Analysis Output Signals (Sierra Chart only)

EDGE Zones™ is a trademark of the EDGE Trading Group

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