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The emoji trading Free Indicator Sampler is an add-in for selected trading platforms providing four simple indicators using different elements of order flow analytics. You can use these indicators to start to see the effectiveness of adding order flow analysis to your trading and assess the quality of our products.

If you wish to explore order flow more deeply, you can try our powerful Order Flow Suite of 14 indicators free of charge for 14 days. Just click here.

The indicators in the Free Indicator Sampler are 100% free of charge. Simply follow the checkout process and you will be emailed a license key and instructions to download and install the emoji trading Free Indicator Sampler.

Free Order Flow Indicators

Our Free Indicator Sampler comprises four indicators using different aspects of order flow analysis.

Order Flow Reversal Candles

This indicator considers reversal candlestick patterns – the hammer, dragonfly, gravestone and shooting star – and qualifies them further by analysing the order flow for aggressive trading in the direction of the reversal. You can filter reversals at key swing highs and lows using emoji Advanced Lookback Analysis for flexible analysis of price and time that is independent of your chart type and period.

Delta Surge

Delta is a key concept in order flow trading. It represents the difference in the amount of aggressive buying and selling. Delta Surge highlights when there is a strong change in Delta highlighting the arrival of strong supply (sellers) or demand (buyers) into the market.

Delta Tails

Being able to visualize and act upon Absorption is a powerful tool for the order flow trader. Delta Tails analyses differences in buying and selling at each price to highlight when powerful supply or demand is absorbing the activity of aggressive traders.

DOM Pressure

This indicator provides a summary of short term order flow Liquidity that can act as a trigger for fine tuning entry timing. Traders will remove (pull) or add (stack) orders based upon their hunger to have limit orders filled. If order flow conditions make trading desirable, we can expect more orders to arrive. Likewise, if traders do not want to be caught on the wrong side of the market they will pull their limit orders from the order book. By analysing trader pulling and stacking we can quickly see changes to short term liquidity to help our entry decisions.

Supported Trading Platforms

emoji trading Free Order Flow Indicators are available for Sierra Chart and fully compatible with Standard & Advanced Packages.

Simply connect to your broker’s data feed. Supported brokerages and data feeds include: AMP, CQG, Rithmic, GAIN, Interactive Brokers…

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