EDGE Zones™

Identify & Track Aggressive Supply & Demand

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EDGE Zones™ is an add-in for selected trading platforms and available on a monthly subscription.

EDGE Zones is also available as part of the emoji trading Order Flow Suite of 14 indicators including a 14-day free trial.

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We take payment details at sign up but you will not be charged until you enter a paid subscription at the end of the trial period. You can cancel your free trial or current subscription at any time through our website.

Identify & Track Aggressive Supply & Demand

EDGE Zones™ identify when aggressive buyers or sellers enter the market by examining the volume traded at each price level. You can fine tune this order flow indicator based upon:

  • the aggressiveness of buying or selling
  • volume and volume delta minimum requirements
  • the minimum number of price levels, or ‘stacked imbalances’, required to identify an EDGE Zone™
Examples of what you can achieve through changing the indicator settings are highlighting price levels where:
  • there was at least 6x more buying than selling (or vice-versa) across 3 adjacent prices
  • a ‘massive imbalance’ of more than 10,000 contracts were bought or sold
  • there was 25x more buying than selling (or vice-versa) at a given price level
  • the net difference between buying and selling was at least 450 contracts
These levels are identified in real-time. As well as seeing visual indications of the EDGE Zone™, the levels are made available to your trading platform programatically to support alerts and automated trading.
You can select different visualization styles of the relevant price levels using the indicator’s EmojiZone visualizations including Dynamic mode that tracks how trading occurs when the price levels are revisited. You can then understand whether the supply or demand at the price level is continuing and likely to hold, or exhausting and likely to break .
During bar formation you can use emoji Pullback Analysis* to look for EDGE Zones™ within the order flow that occurs as the market pulls back from the bar’s high or low and use this to make intra-bar trading decisions that are independent of your chart’s timeframe and based purely on the tick-by-tick order flow occurring while the market retraces.
*Pullback Analysis is available for Sierra Chart only.

Unique Advanced Features

EmojiZone Visualizations

Qualify levels that will hold or break

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Pullback Analysis*

Trade the auction within the auction

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*Pullback Analysis is available for Sierra Chart only.

Supported Trading Platforms

EDGE Zones™ is available for:

  • NinjaTrader 8 – Free, Lease & Lifetime licenses are all supported on PCs running Windows 10
  • Sierra Chart – fully compatible with Service Package 3 & Package 5

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Sierra Chart Package 5 & EDGE Zones

Simply connect to your broker’s data feed. Supported brokerages and data feeds include: AMP, CQG, Rithmic, GAIN, Interactive Brokers…

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EDGE Zones™
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