Quick Start Templates

Use our Quick Start Templates to get up & running quickly with Footprint chart analysis and the emoji trading Order Flow Suite. Instructions and downloads for each supported platform are provided below.

Template Descriptions

Footprint charts to use as starting points for analysis:

Order Flow Suite indicators. Quick start templates to effectively explore the indicators:

NinjaTrader 8

Download our Quick Start templates below. Unzip and extract the contents (.xml files) into your computer’s DocumentsNinjaTrader8templateschart folder. You can then apply the templates to your charts.

Sierra Chart

Download our Quick Start study collection below. Unzip and save the contents (.StdyCollct files) to your Sierra Chart /data folder. The various study collections will appear on your Sierra Chart Analysis menu so that you can apply them to your charts as a quick start.

FreePrint templates

Order Flow Suite templates

Sierra Chart templates