29 December, 2018

Training Courses

Develop your understanding of futures trading using order flow in a classroom environment with emoji trading’s training courses.

Our training courses provide a relaxed, interactive and engaging learning experience that is designed to:

Course Schedule & Booking

Location Fundamentals of Futures Trading Mastering Order Flow & Footprint ® Charts Advanced Order Flow Analysis Order Flow Trading Setups, Systems & Automation
London, UK 6 September 2019
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7/8 September 2019
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14/15 September 2019
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16 September 2019
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Las Vegas, USA 10/11 November 2019
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12/13 November 2019
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14 November 2019
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Our USA-based courses are scheduled to coincide with the moneyshow.com futures-oriented TradersEXPO conferences enabling you to visit the conference’s futures presentation track and exhibits on adjacent dates to our training schedule. The majority of training is based around futures contracts that have an underlying cash/physical product and/or well-defined historic session times, e.g. ES, CL, GC, ZB, FGBL, ZS.

Courses are held in professional conference facilities with convenient transport links and accommodation availability. USA- and UK-based courses are conducted in English. Full course terms and conditions are available here.

Adding order flow analysis to your trading is not a magic red arrow/green arrow holy grail trading system. Order flow analysis is about identifying events and situations that are happening by interpreting the volume traded in the market. With an understanding of what these events and situations mean, the corresponding information can be applied to your trading decisions for better entries, higher success probabilities and tighter stops than what is possible using lagging price-based indicators.

We apply a philosophy of transparency to our training in just the same way that emoji trading’s indicators make it easier to visualise and therefore interpret what is happening within the volume being traded in the market. We teach an understanding of order flow from first principles so that you can:

  • understand the key concepts, what they mean and how to use them to inform your decision-making
  • learn to identify order flow events and situations from raw traded volume information without using any order flow indicators
  • understand the basis and rationale for how order flow indicators highlight events and situations so that you can evaluate how and when to use indicators as a trading aid

Course Descriptions

Fundamentals of Futures Trading

Designed to equip a trader who is new to futures with sufficient knowledge and terminology to be able to participate in other emoji trading training, this one-day course explains: the participants within futures markets and their objectives; multi-timeframe analysis of supply and demand areas with market profile and volume profile analysis and an understanding of day types and market phases; significance of information that is not time-based; fundamentals and the effect of news, economic announcements; understanding the order book; self-awareness and psychological considerations vs one’s trading account

Prerequisites: a basic understanding of trading, e.g. equities, simple retail forex.

Mastering Order Flow & Footprint ® Charts

By taking this course you will learn how to read the Footprint chart and understand the key order flow concepts of Exhaustion, Absorption, Aggression, Delta and Unfinished Business. You will learn how to identify these concepts from the raw volume data, their significance and what you can infer and act upon.

With this understanding, built up from first principles you will learn how to effectively apply emoji order flow indicators (or other features of your own trading platform), not as a black box, but as a visualisation and calculation aid that allows for simpler and less distracted decision making. The basis for specific order flow indicator calculations will be explained and it will become apparent how, when and why to apply and act on order flow events as they happen and as levels are revisited.

Prerequisites: a solid understanding of futures trading terms and concepts including: order types and placement using a DOM; futures contracts and trading hours; awareness of market profile and volume profile concepts and terminology; basic technical analysis – common chart patterns and indicators. If you have no experience trading futures, e.g. your background is equities, options or basic retail forex we recommend attending Fundamentals of Futures Trading in order to understand the terms and basic concepts referred to within this course.

Advanced Order Flow Analysis

This course introduces new and advanced concepts in interpreting aggressive trading, exhaustion and absorption combined with tools and methods to evaluate order book liquidity in conjunction with order flow traded volume. These techniques are applied to higher timeframe and contextual analysis, entry timing and triggers and in-trade management. The mechanisms and principles behind these concepts will be explained from first principles and upon course completion, delegates will receive a 3-month license for emoji trading’s new emojiLibrium and emojiFlow indicators that enable quick calculation and visualisation of these new and advanced concepts.

Prerequisites: fundamental understanding and experience of interpreting order flow and using Footprint ® charts. Attending this class immediately after Mastering Order Flow & Footprint Charts is not recommended, rather, we suggest allowing at least 3-6 months to allow the concepts of the first course to be applied to actual trading before exploring advanced analysis methods.

Order Flow Trading Setups, Systems & Automation

Learn how order flow and market context can provide a systematic framework for day trading with various setups. This course provides examples of using order flow to build setups that can be applied to day trading for entries, exits and in-trade scaling-in and leverage. Having defined these setups, we will explain how you can use platform features and add-on tools for alerts, entry/exit automation, semi-automation and scaling-in. Upon completion one will have a good foundation in designing, testing and assessing trading approaches and systems based upon logical order flow principles and be equipped to use them manually or in conjunction with automated trading tools.

Prerequisites: fundamental understanding and experience of order flow and Footprint ® charts. While this course refers to content delivered in the Advanced Order Flow Analysis course, attending this course is not a prerequisite and it is feasible to combine this course with Mastering Order Flow & Footprint Charts.

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