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Like any skill or profession, becoming a successful, consistent and profitable trader takes understanding, time, practise and discipline. Trading software and education is full of vendors making wild claims while shrouding their products and methods in mysterious terms and jargon. This has led to widespread cynicism of indicator vendors and trading educators.

At emoji trading we believe in helping clients understand order flow from first principles and transparency of information. With this foundation knowledge you can choose if and how to apply indicators to make your life easier. They are not magic buy/sell arrows, rather, they can help visualize events you may miss or keep track of levels and events that are too difficult to follow as a human. 

Our approach to coaching and classroom training is to help make this foundation knowledge second nature so you can safely explore and develop as a trader equipped with fundamental knowledge and trading rules. We can equip you with ‘from first principles’ understanding of order flow and market structure, help you develop consistent day trading plans and guide you through potential sticking points and psychological issues. We can share knowledge, guide you how to apply it, help you use tools for efficiency and agitate your sticking points. What we can’t do is guarantee that you can successfully put all of this together consistently and with discipline. That is your skill to develop in this profession.

In addition to our own training courses and private 1:1 coaching, we regularly work and collaborate on order flow with the other well-regarded order flow educators listed below and are happy to recommend them. No one of us is ‘right’ – we each have different angles, styles, favoured markets, trading approaches, first languages and time zones!

We encourage you to review all of us to see who is ‘right’ for your needs. We have no hesitation recommending these educators and coaches below alongside our own coaching and training offers:

Lee Harris - emoji trading

Lee has traded futures and options since the 1990s alongside a career in IT hardware and software. He launched emoji trading in 2016 to provide high quality order flow analysis software.

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Recommended Coaches & Educators

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Dom Castanga - Alpha Futures

Dom has worked with Financial institutions since 1997: Portfolio Managers and Institutional Traders. After several years with Instinet/Nomura as an Equity Institutional Broker, Dom started working on proprietary Futures Funds in 2009, focusing on Order Flow and Microstructure and has been offering trading education & coaching along with managing his own capital.

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Anthony Drager - EDGE Trading Group

Anthony started his career as a CME arb clerk on the trading floor of in 1996. He went on to become a Chicago Board Of Trade Member before launching his electronic trading career with one of the top Chicago Proprietary Firms - the International Trading Group - in April of 2000. Anthony created the Edge Trading Group education program in 2013.        

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Jeff Mayem - @SurfingTheMrkts

Jeff has traded for 46 years focusing on the development of trading processes: options in 1973, futures in 1983, and automated trading systems in 1999. An accomplished scalper with a 85%+ win rate over tens of thousands of trades, and 20 years coaching & training experience at IBM, Microsoft, and several colleges and universities. Jeff's exuberant energy level is notorious.

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TRADEPRO Academy provides training courses and a daily live trading room on a monthly subscription basis. TRADEPRO's approach has been developed from founder George Papazov's 5 year successful career in a major bank as a trader, and over 18 years of trading experience. Training is available for stocks, options, forex and futures.

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Mike Valtos -

Mike Valtos -

Mike Valtos has spent over 20 years working at the highest institutional futures trading level. 8 years at JP Morgan, 4 years at Cargill, 3 years at Commerzbank, 2 years at EDF Man, 4 years at Dean Witter Reynolds. Mike has popularised concepts including Order Flow Bar Ratios and originated proprietary order flow indicators.

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