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Orderflows Pulse by Mike Valtos,

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Valtos Orderflows Pulse is an add-in for selected trading platforms and available on a monthly subscription. You can also select to license it as part of emoji trading Order Flow Suite of 14 indicators.

Valtos Orderflows Pulse

Valtos Orderflows Pulse analyses:

  • Order Flow
    What is currently trading at the moment and how it is trading?
  • Delta
    The net difference between aggressive buyers and aggressive sellers.
  • Point of Control
    The price level in the bar with the most volume. The Pulse uses the Points of Controls that are significant.
  • Imbalances
    Price levels where aggressive traders outnumber other traders by big percentages.
  • Volume
    There needs to be enough volume in the order flow to get an accurate assessment of the situation.
  • Price Action
    The reaction of price rto the order flow helps determine what should happen.
  • Swing Analysis
    Referencing recent swing highs and swing lows
Mike Valtos -

Mike Valtos has spent over 20 years working at the highest institutional futures trading level. 8 years at JP Morgan, 4 years at Cargill, 3 years at Commerzbank, 2 years at EDF Man, 4 years at Dean Witter Reynolds.

emoji trading’s implementation of this indicator adds our:

  • Advanced Lookback Analysis for time- and price-based filtering that’s independent of the chart type and period you have applied the indicator to. For example, show Orderflows Pulse signals only when we are within 2 ticks of the session high, making new highs or at the highest high in a rolling 30 minute window since the day session started.
  • EmojiZone Visualization and level tracking so that you can see if and how the identified levels are defended when they re-trade and their ongoing likelihood of holding or breaking. All levels identified by Orderflows Pulse are made available programatically to your trading platform to enable alerts and automated trading from the Orderflows Pulse condition.

Unique Advanced Features

Advanced Lookback

Flexible filtering using price and time

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Qualify levels that will hold or break

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Supported Trading Platforms

Valtos Orderflows Pulse is available for:

  • NinjaTrader 8 – Free, Lease & Lifetime licenses are all supported. Windows 10 is required
  • Sierra Chart – fully compatible with Standard & Advanced Packages

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Valtos Pulse
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