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POC Pro calculates the Point of Control – the price at which the highest volume of trading occurred – in real time for each bar and makes the associated levels available for alerts and automated trading to enable the following order flow analytics:

  1. Prominent POC

    When high volume occurs at a bar extreme and this price is rejected it is a sign of how the battle between high volume supply and demand resolved and we can expect that this level will continue to respect the outcome of this battle in the near term. These Prominent POC levels can identify excellent reversal opportunities and when they occur, they are recorded as a Supply/Demand Event EmojiZone.

    emoji trading POC Pro Prominent Point of Control order flow indicator

  2. Naked POC

    POC levels can extend until such point as they trade again or break so that you can highlight potential intraday stopping points based upon key levels from prior trading sessions. This can be very powerful when applied to daily charts establishing potential targets and entry points for future trading sessions.

    emoji trading POC Pro naked POC

  3. POC Highlighting & Moving Averages

    POC Pro can highlight the POC price level and calculate multiple moving averages of this price level. As the POC price takes traded volume into consideration – it is the price at which the highest volume of trading occurs – tracking the progression and trend of the Point of Control over time provides a picture of the direction in which price is being taken by high volume.

    emoji trading POC Pro POC moving average

Indicator Settings & Outputs Reference

Advanced Lookback Filter Settings

You can filter POC Pro’s Prominent POC Display using the emoji Advanced Lookback Filter so that only events at relative highs and lows are identified.

POC MA Periods

Enter the three moving average periods for POC Pro to calculate and display if…


…is not Disabled. Select from the following moving average types:

• Simple
• Weighted
• Exponential

Prominent POC Display

Select whether Prominent POC Display mode is Enabled or Disabled.

Apply EmojiZone to POC?

By setting this to Yes and using the EmojiZone Extend Until Future Intersection visualization you can plot and track Naked POCs.

Indicator Offset (Ticks)

The number of ticks away from the bar high/low that the Supply/Demand indicator Output Signals are drawn for Prominent POC conditions.


In addition to:

Output Signals
EmojiZone Data

this indicator provides data for the following calculations:


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