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Visualization Modes

EmojiZones may be visualized using modes selected from the EmojiZone Visualization setting. These are illustrated below.

Please refer to the Pullback Analysis section of this guide to understand how this mode is used with selected indicators.

Fixed Projection

The price levels are projected forward from the bar that triggered the Supply/Demand Event for the number of bars entered in the Fixed Projection Distance setting.EmojiZone fixed projection visualization

Extend Until Future Intersection (Sierra Chart only)

The highest and lowest price levels are projected forward until these price levels next trade. An optional label whose text is set in the Extend Until… Label setting can be displayed.EmojiZone Extend Until Future Intersection Visualization


The price levels are projected forward and will display changed states as described within the Introduction to EmojiZone Visualization Modes.EmojZone dynamic mode single cycle

…Dynamic Mode State Reversal

Use this setting to decide whether broken Demand (or Supply) changes role to Supply (or Demand).EmojiZone dynamic mode visualization - no state reversal

…Dynamic Mode Evaluation Type

Use this setting to decide whether EmojiZone price levels are evaluated using Order Flow or Price Only.

In Order Flow mode, the Continuing Demand (Supply) and Exhausted Demand (Supply) states are available.

In Price Only mode, New Demand (Supply) becomes Supply (Demand) when price closes below (above) the price level. Continuing and Exhausted states are determined based upon order flow.EmojiZone dynamic mode visualization - price only evaluation

…Combining ‘Dynamic Mode State Reversal: No’ with ‘Dynamic Mode Evaluation Type: Price Only’

This produces a similar display to the Extend Until Future Intersection visualization mode however
– Extend Until Future Intersection will stop projection then price trades at the EmojiZone price level
– Dynamic mode will stop projection when price trades above a Supply price level or below a Demand price levelEmojiZone Dynamic Mode state reversal - no and price only evaluation

Dynamic Mode Cycles

Enter the maximum number of EmojiZone cycles to evaluate and visualize.Multi-cycle EmojiZone supply and demand visualisation

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