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Valtos SR Levels

Valtos SR Levels identify supply and demand levels using order flow analytics algorithms developed by Mike Valtos of orderflows.com. You can read more about the indicator here: https://www.orderflows.com/valtossrlevels.html

emoji trading’s implementation of the indicator algorithm is enhanced with the emoji Advanced Lookback Filterand EmojiZone Visualisation Modes.

Indicator Settings & Outputs Reference

Minimum Bar Volume

The minimum volume in the bar necessary to allow a Valtos SR condition to apply.

Advanced Lookback Filter Settings

Filter Valtos SR Levels Events using the emoji Advanced Lookback Filter to only identify events that occur at relative highs and lows.

Volume Ratio

Select the ratio of passive to aggressive trading. A higher setting will result in fewer signals.

Longer Duration

Recommended settings:

• Yes: bars upwards of 5 minutes or 8 range
• No: faster bars, e.g. 1 minute or 4 range

Include Unfinished Auction

Set this to No for the algorithm to disregard whether the bar has an Unfinished Auction.

Require Delta Divergence

Select whether Delta needs to oppose price in order for a Valtos SR Level Supply/Demand Event to apply.

Signal On Doji?

If set to Yes, bars that close at the same price at which they opened will be considered.

Indicator Offset (Ticks)

The number of ticks away from the bar high/low that the Supply/Demand indicator Output Signals are drawn.


This indicator provides:

Output Signals
EmojiZone Data

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