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Volume Profile Analysis (Sierra Chart only)


Order Flow Suite for Sierra Chart allows the following tools to be applied to Volume Profile studies as well as chart bars/footprints:

  • EDGE Zones
  • Price Rejector Pro
  • Small Prints

When used in combination with Sierra Chart’s Volume by Price volume profile study, this allows for powerful analysis of volume that is independent of the chart type/period being used and can be an efficient use of screen space.

Example applications

Apply Volume by Price using ‘Multiple Profiles Based On Fixed Time’ on a fast chart; for example, create multiple 30-minute profiles on a 15-second chart. You can now apply emoji tools to the latest profile in the chart and have a view of order flow events in a 30 minute chart while watching a 15-second chart.

Apply Volume by Price using ‘One Period Based On Bar Count’. Set the bar count to match a technical analysis indicator period, e.g. Bollinger Bands. You can now apply emoji tools to this profile and qualify what is happening in the last x bars that are being used to determine the technical analysis indicator.


Volume Analysis Source
Select whether the emoji tool is to analyse the volume in the main chart bars or in a specified Volume Profile study.

Selected Volume Profile Study
Select the Volume Profile Study on the chart to which Volume Profile Analysis should apply.

Case Study

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