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Unfinished Business

This indicator allows Unfinished Business conditions to be visualized and tracked. These are price levels that have not established the presence of the last buyer or seller and can form excellent intra-day targets when qualified using the emoji Advanced Lookback Filter to identify them at significant session or daily levels.

The indicator can also highlight if the Unfinished Business condition has occurred as a result of significant Absorption enabling the trader to consider whether they can also have an opportunity to trade away from this target level in the very short-term.

emoji trading unfinished business

Indicator Settings & Outputs Reference

Advanced Lookback Filter Settings

Filter Unfinished Business using the emoji Advanced Lookback Filter to only identify events that occur at relative and significant structural highs and lows.

Filter Using Bar Direction?

Select whether Unfinished Business is:

• identified at both ends of the bar
• only at the top of up bars and at the bottom of down bars

Highlight Absorption? (No/Maximum/Relative/Both)

If the Unfinished Business Supply/Demand event is caused by significant Absorption, the Supply or Demand Output Signals will be displayed to highlight the strong Absorption at the Unfinished Business Price level. Select whether Absorption is identified when:

• the Unfinished Business Price level exhibits the Maximum level of Absorption within the bar
• the Unfinished Business Price level exhibits Absorption Relative to the price level that precedes it
Both of these conditions are evaluated, i.e. the presence of either condition will Highlight Absorption

Note! Unfinished Business for NT8 currently provides the option for Maximum only (Identify Maximum Absorption: Yes/No).

New Unfinished Business EmojiZone Colour

Set the color for the Unfinished Business EmojiZone New Demand (or New Supply) indication. Typically a trader will want to make note of the Unfinished Business price level as a potential target so this setting allows the level to stand out even though in the short term it represents Supply (if above price) or Demand (if below price). After the level breaks, it can be tracked and visualized through the EmojiZone Supply/Demand states like any other emoji Supply/Demand event.


This indicator provides:

Output Signals
EmojiZone Data

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