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Installing the Indicators

After you have completed the free trial registration or license order process on the emoji trading website, you will receive an email containing:

  • a download link for the relevant software package
  • your unique license key for the software

  1. Save the software to your computer

    Use the download link to save the software package to a location of your choice on your computer. The download file is delivered as a .zip archive file.

  2. Exit your trading platform

    If your trading platform is currently running, save any necessary files and close and exit the program.

  3. Follow the trading platform-specific instructions below…

Sierra Chart
  • Extract the files contained in the .zip file that you downloaded from emoji trading into the data folder of your Sierra Chart installation. Generally this is located at c:/SierraChart/data
    • If you are unsure where your Sierra Chart data folder is located, select Global Settings >> General Settings in your installation of Sierra Chart, make a note of the drive and folder path displayed in the Data Files Folder box and extract the contents of the emoji trading .zip file to this location.
  • Restart Sierra Chart.

You have successfully installed the indicators. Now it is time to activate your software license for the indicators…

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