Track Naked & Prominent POCs

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POC Pro is an add-in for selected trading platforms and available on a monthly subscription. You can also select to license it as part of emoji trading Order Flow Suite of 14 indicators.

Track Naked & Prominent POCs

The Point of Control (POC, or for some people Commitment of Traders – COT) refers to the price at which the highest volume of trading occurred. POC Pro calculates the POC in real time for each bar and makes the associated levels available for alerts and automated trading to enable the following order flow analytics:

Prominent POC

When high volume occurs at a bar extreme and this price is rejected it is a sign of how the battle between high volume supply and demand resolved and we can expect that this level will continue to respect the outcome of this battle in the near term. These Prominent POC levels can identify excellent reversal opportunities and EmojiZone visualizations enable them to be tracked on an ongoing basis to qualify the likelihood of the levels holding, failing or changing roles. By using emoji Advanced Lookback Analysis you can further filter these levels using price and time, for example to only highlight Prominent POCs that occur within a user-defined number of ticks of the current session high or low.

Naked POC

POC levels can be extended until such point as they trade again so that you can highlight potential intraday stopping points based upon key levels from prior trading sessions. You can even configure POC Pro to track these levels on an ongoing basis to understand how they change from support to resistance over a continuing cycle as the levels trade and re-trade. This can be very powerful when applied to daily charts to establish potential targets and entry points for future trading sessions.

POC Highlighting & Moving Averages

POC Pro can highlight the POC price level and calculate multiple moving averages of this price level. As the POC price takes traded volume into consideration – it is the price at which the highest volume of trading occurs – tracking the progression and trend of the point of control over time provides a picture of the direction in which price is being taken by high volume. POC Pro exposes all of these calculations through visualization options and directly to the trading platform to enable alerts and automated trading.


Unique Advanced Features

Advanced Lookback

Flexible filtering using price and time

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Qualify levels that will hold or break

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Supported Trading Platforms

POC Pro is available for:

  • NinjaTrader 8 – Free, Lease & Lifetime licenses are all supported. Windows 10 is required
  • Sierra Chart – fully compatible with Standard & Advanced Packages

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emoji trading POC Pro Prominent Point of Control order flow indicator
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