Order Flow Snapshot

Order Flow Status At A Glance

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Order Flow Snapshot is an add-in for selected trading platforms and available on a monthly subscription. You can also select to license it as part of emoji trading Order Flow Suite of 14 indicators.

Order Flow Status At A Glance

A Footprint chart provides good organization and visualization of traded volume information within a chart bar however it is raw data. To act on it requires analysis and understanding of the data. Order Flow Snapshot provides visual summaries of Absorption, Aggression, Exhaustion and Delta and access to the underlying summary data for alerts and automated trading.

Order Flow Bar Ratios

Each chart bar represents an auction process as buyers and sellers trade until price is too high or too low. The Order Flow Bar Ratio calculates the relationship between volumes at bar extremes to highlight absorption or exhaustion conditions. These ratios can be presented numerically with absorption or exhaustion conditions highlighted or even as text explanations for simple reading of the chart.

Multiple Imbalances

A summary of the aggressive buying and selling imbalances can be presented for each bar. In addition his data is available for alerts and automated trading. The visualization color and location can be controlled by the  price action, bar delta and dominant imbalance quantity.

Delta Strength

A bar closing with a delta value of 450, i.e. 450 more contracts were bought than sold may sound like there is strong demand, but it depends upon the relationship of the closing delta to the highest delta. Highest delta of 460 tells us that at bar close, we were near the peak of buying. Highest delta of 3,000 tells us that the buying reduced significantly from its peak by the time the bar closed. Delta Strength highlights when a bar closes above a user-defined threshold to indicate bars that close near the peak of supply or demand.


Supported Trading Platforms

Order Flow Snapshot is available for:

  • NinjaTrader 8 – Free, Lease & Lifetime licenses are all supported. Windows 10 is required
  • Sierra Chart – fully compatible with Standard & Advanced Packages

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Order Flow Snapshot
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