Absorption Pro

Identify & Track Other Time Frame Traders

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Absorption Pro is an add-in for selected trading platforms and available on a monthly subscription. You can also select to license it as part of emoji trading Order Flow Suite of 14 indicators.

Identify & Track Other Time Frame Traders

Markets move because of imbalances in supply and demand. Traders with sufficient buying or selling power to move the market are likely well-informed and/or have commercial objectives to their trading aside from short-term speculation. They cannot fulfil these trading objectives by simply entering the market using market orders. Their large positions are accumulated or distributed over time and by looking for absorption of market orders we can get a sense of where the supply and demand of larger traders is positioned in order that we can align our own trading to it.

Absorption Pro identifies various absorption conditions:

  • Absorption at price extremes: this helps us identify short term market edges
  • Absorption across bars: whatever chart period we are looking at is of no concern to other traders. This method considers the volume trading at given prices irrespective of chart period and highlights prices where large buying or selling is consistently occurring
  • Trapped aggressive traders: identify when too many people have bought the extreme high or low and been caught by better informed traders with more buying or selling power
  • Contested levels: see the price levels where large traders are battling against each other and understand which side won

These levels are identified in real-time. As well as seeing visual indications of the absorption price levels, the price level and order flow quality state are made available to your trading platform programatically to support alerts and automated trading.

You can select different visualization styles of the relevant price levels using the indicator’s EmojiZone visualizations including Dynamic mode that tracks how trading occurs when the price levels are revisited. You can then understand whether the supply or demand at the price level is continuing and likely to hold, or exhausting and likely to break .
During bar formation you can use emoji Pullback Analysis to look for absorption within the order flow that occurs as the market pulls back from the bar’s high or low and use this to make intra-bar trading decisions that are independent of your chart’s timeframe and based purely on the tick-by-tick order flow occurring while the market retraces. Using Absorption Pro in this way can be an excellent continuation entry trigger for a pre-determined trade plan.

Unique Advanced Features

Advanced Lookback

Flexible filtering using price and time

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EmojiZone Visualizations

Qualify levels that will hold or break

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Pullback Analysis*

Trade the auction within the auction

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*Pullback Analysis is available for Sierra Chart only.

Supported Trading Platforms

Absorption Pro is available for:

  • NinjaTrader 8 – Free, Lease & Lifetime licenses are all supported. Windows 10 is required
  • Sierra Chart – fully compatible with Standard & Advanced Packages

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Absorption Pro
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