Trading Rooms & Communities

For some, trading as a solo activity is ideal. Others miss the input, collaboration and community of like-minded people. We are happy to recommend these trading rooms and communities that focus on order flow trading.

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Anthony Drager - EDGE Trading Group

Anthony started his career as a CME arb clerk on the trading floor of in 1996. He went on to become a CBOT Member before launching his electronic trading career with one of the top Chicago Proprietary Firms [International Trading Group] in April of 2000. Anthony created the Edge Trading Group education program in 2013.

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TRADEPRO Academy provides training courses and a daily live trading room on a monthly subscription basis. TRADEPRO's approach has been developed from founder George Papazov's 5 year successful career in a major bank as a trader, and over 18 years of trading experience. Training is available for stocks, options, forex and futures.

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