FreePrint for NinjaTrader 8

A 100% free footprint add-on with essential features for order flow analytics

FreePrint is a free footprint chart add-on for NinjaTrader 8 running on Windows 10. Click here to learn more about footprint charts.

The following features are included to aid visual analysis of the market’s traded volume:

BidxAsk Imbalances

The ratio of market orders lifting the offer and hitting the bid is used to identify aggressive trading. Learn more here.

Add emoji EDGE Zones™ for advanced filtering of aggressive trading and tracking these price levels over time.

Delta at Price

FreePrint can display delta at price as numeric information or in a profile format. Understanding delta at price is a key way to identify Absorption.

Use emoji Absorption Pro to make identifying significant absorption easy so that you can concentrate on trade opportunities and execution.

See inside the Footprint!

Use the emoji trading Order Flow Suite to make identifying significant patterns in order flow quick and easy.

Track and qualify levels as they re-trade with EmojiZone visualisation and see the market’s supply & demand with clarity.

Learn More…

Our 1:1 coaching and member-only Trading Research Group train you to:

  • read and understand order flow from the raw data in the footprint
  • apply this to gain a trading edge and a playbook of setups
  • maximise emoji indicators for increased productivity
Learn order flow with emoji today!