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Indicators: v2 vs. v3


emoji trading Order Flow Suite for Sierra Chart was released in 2017. The latest update v3 was released in July 2019.

For Sierra Chart users, v3 has significant changes to indicator inputs and subgraphs and has been released in parallel as a separate custom study to v3. This allows users to continue using v2 with no changes to existing charts while they familiarise themselves with v3.

From July 2019, development and updates will no longer be applied to v2. Enhancements will apply to v3 and we recommend that existing v2 users transition to v3.

v2 will remain available through its Sierra Chart account name authentication until 31 December 2019. From this point onwards you will need to use v3.

Existing subscriptions

For as long as your existing license subscription remains active, your commercial license terms including subscription payments and frequency will remain the same as those to which you signed up with. Please note that should your subscription lapse and enter a Cancelled state on our website, typically one week after a payment is due and has not been received, if you resubscribe you will be subscribing to the commercial license terms, subscription payment level and frequency currently offered at the emoji trading website.

Indicator Equivalents: v2 vs v3

Order Flow Suite v3 consolidates various v2 indicators into new, larger and more powerful indicators. A user that has a license entitlement to a v2 indicator will receive the entitlement to the v3 indicator that contains this functionality as detailed in the table below:

v2 Indicatorv3 Indicator
Absorption At Extreme
Absorption Sequence
Trapped Traders
Absorption Pro
Delta DivergenceDelta Divergence Pro
Delta ScalperDelta Scalper Pro
Edge Level
EDGE Zones™
Massive Imbalance
Stacked Imbalances
EDGE Zones™
Bar Ratio
Delta Change
Delta Snapshot
Delta Strength
Multiple Imbalances
Order Flow Snapshot
POC At Extreme
POC Extension
POC Moving Average
Price Rejector
Reducing Volume
Price Rejector Pro
Single Print As Gap
Single Print At Extreme
Thin Spot
Zero Print
Small Prints
Unfinished BusinessUnfinished Business
Valtos Indicator Suite (Flip, Transition, Turns)Valtos Indicator Suite (Flip, Transition, Turns)
n/aValtos Pulse
Valtos SR LevelsValtos SR Levels
Delta SurgeDelta Surge
n/aDelta Tails
DOM PressureDOM Pressure
Order Flow Reversal CandlesOrder Flow Reversal Candles
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