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Do emoji indicators work with Sierra Chart Package 3?


Sierra Chart offer two ‘Service Packages‘. Advanced Package (Package 5) includes Numbers Bars – the Sierra Chart implementation of a Footprint® Chart. Standard Package (Package 3) does not include this feature. Standard Package is provided free of charge by some futures brokers. emoji trading’s combined Sierra Chart platform + indicator bundles provide the Advanced Package.

Even though emoji indicators analyse the data that is contained within and presented by Sierra Chart Numbers Bars, they do not require Numbers Bars to be displayed or that the trading platform is capable of displaying them. You can apply emoji indicators to regular candlestick charts (or renko, Heiken-Ashi, OHLC bars, etc.) and visualize the resulting Supply/Demand events. You may find that you no longer require visibility of the Numbers Bars in order to make trading decisions and use candlestick charts combined with emoji indicators to see a larger chart area than is possible when using Numbers Bars.

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