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“Please send me a screenshot…”

We are occasionally asked to send a screenshot of a particular indicator applied to a particular market on a given chart type and periodicity so that the prospective client can assess the signals being given.

There are many ways we can configure our tools’ parameters to show really good or useless signals. In addition, your preferred chart type and period is totally arbitrary. The market neither knows nor cares about the chart type that you are viewing and a given indicator on a 5 minute chart will give different signals to the same indicator on e.g. an 8-tick range chart as the volume captured in each arbitrary horizontal bar is different.

emoji products are productivity tools that make visualising and working with order flow easier. The first step to successful trading with order flow is to understand what is happening from first principles. To do this, take advantage of our articles on order flow concepts, and if you need help, consider our 1:1 coaching and educational group resources.

If you want to evaluate the signals that our tools deliver, you can trial all of our indicators free of charge for 14-days using this link.

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