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“Do your indicators give buy/sell entry signals?”

None of our tools provide ‘magic buy/enter here; sell/exit here’ signals. No indicators like this exist and if vendors make these promises, these are rubbish promises that will waste your money. Likewise, if you are looking for these types of tools you will be wasting your time and money, both on the products and in your trading.

Our order flow tools visualise the underlying supply & demand conditions within the market and track these over time. If you take the time to understand what this means, then you can make trade decisions based upon sound information. You must have an underlying understanding of what the tools are showing and why. We have good explanations of order flow concepts, supply and demand on our website and recommend that you apply this understanding within a framework of trade setups based upon market structure.

If you want to really understand what the market is doing, see this and make decisions on this information, then you will like our tools. If you are looking for ‘magic’ indicators that tell you when and where to buy and sell, no one has any products that will work for you but you will risk spending a lot of time and money finding this out for yourself.

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