28 January, 2017

Delta Change

Rationale & Trading Techniques

The Delta Change indicator provides additional insight for the Delta Scalper indicator. The indicator shows the percentage change in Delta between the current and the previous price bar.



Note the sequential decline in the change in Delta from the 9:32:58 price bar as price increased for another test of a level two ticks below the previously established high:

Delta Change - Emoji Trading Order Flow Suite


Delta Change Settings

Input Name Description
Display Offset (Ticks) Specifies the indicator’s display position above/below the current bar.
Display Position Specifies whether the Delta Change value is displayed:

  • relative to the bar: below up bars and above down bars
  • relative to the Delta Change value: below the bar for a positive change and above the bar for a negative change
  • above the bar
  • below the bar


Indicator Subgraphs

ID Subgraph Description
SG1 Delta Change The percentage change in Delta between the current and previous bar.