I already read order flow. What can emoji software do for me?

"I can already read order flow.
What can emoji software
do for me? "

We’ll be brief. If you already read order flow and can interpret a Footprint® chart we know you are serious about your trading and just want the facts. Here’s what emoji software can do for you…

1. Locate levels that you may not…

Our Order Flow Suite indicators look for patterns in supply & demand that you may not know about, or situations that are difficult to see within the raw Footprint® chart data.

You can fine-tune parameters to highlight Aggression, Absorption, Exhaustion and Divergences  to see inside the Footprint® rather than having to read the chart’s raw data.

We can alert you to more opportunities increasing your attention and analysis capacity for more productive trading.

2. Track these levels over time…

If you can recall there was a zero print on the daily chart 9 months ago, it’s re-traded 4 times and now looks like it will break, great! If not, we’ll do that for you.

When an emoji indicator detects a Supply/Demand Event, we track it. We update the state of the level when it trades based upon how it trades. 

You can see the ongoing development of these levels with EmojiZone Visualization and the related data is available to your trading platform too. Monitor months of order flow data for market calls that will amaze your peers.

3. Smart filtering using price & time…

“…only show me strong absorption that’s within two ticks of the day session extremes within a rolling 30-minute time window from the session’s start”

Use the emoji Advanced Lookback Filter to apply smart filtering that’s independent of your chart type and period to supply & demand patterns.

Example! trade the edges of each Market Profile period’s rotations using your faster chart without overlays or wasted screen space.

4. Pinpoint pullback entries…

Use Pullback Analysis to trade the auction within the auction.

You can apply selected emoji indicators to the volume that’s occurred since the current bar’s high or low for great intra-bar entry triggers.

Trade the vertical movement of price, not the horizontal passage of (the wrong) time.

Use the links above to learn more about these advanced features or take a deep dive into our User Guides.