About emoji trading

emoji trading’s founder – Lee Harris – is  a UK-based software developer and trader and has been involved with derivatives trading since the early 1990s. After selling a portion of one of his businesses he was able to devote full-time attention to trading renting a desk in a London-based trading arcade with associated tuition. 

From this experience he realised that nothing he had learned about technical analysis was being used by the successful prop firm traders and set about understanding order flow, developing a set of tools to make his own trading easier. With a background in hardware and software product development, these tools were built to a commercial standard and launched in 2016.

In an industry renowned for selling snake oil and magic indicators, we believe in providing factual information and good quality products with sufficient transparency and evaluation opportunities for our clients to make well-informed decisions about the tools and training that they choose to invest in to develop their trading skills. We look forward to you becoming another happy client that’s a consistent, disciplined and profitable trader.

Thanks for a great coaching session. I know your approach is going to be a huge help to my trading. In all the years I’ve been trading – in and out of chat rooms and many different so called “mentors”; YOU are the FIRST person who has given me a top down approach; i.e. start and understand the big picture and work down to the smallest level (3 range). Congrats to you. You have an absolute top notch teaching approach and the really nice thing is I understand what you are teaching – it makes sens… Read more
David B