Trapped Traders

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Identify price levels where institutional traders are entering the market


Traders using price-based indicators or hoping to trade breakouts when a support or resistance level is breached will frequently enter a buy or sell position at the very high or low price, watch uncomfortably as price fails to progress in the direction they hoped for then as price falls back, exit their position at a loss. At the time they entered their position and price failed to advance, they became Trapped Traders with no option than to exit their position before their loss became unbearable.

By observing traded volume, we can see whether a move through a price level is supported by favourable buying/selling power. In the cases when it is not, the Trapped Traders indicator shows us when we have a buying or selling imbalance at the top or bottom of a price bar but price has fallen back from the level where the traders entered and we can expect these Trapped Traders to quickly exit their positions for a loss, driving price further away.

This indicator can be used in conjunction with many other emoji trading Order Flow Suite indicators including Unfinished Business, POC at Extreme, POC near ExtremeRatio Display and Delta Divergence to uncover low-risk trade entry locations.

Input Name Description
Imbalance % The percentage level used for diagonal bid/ask volume imbalance calculations.
Bid/Ask Minimum Volume Compare Threshold Specifies the minimum volume level required to compare a bid/ask diagonal imbalance.
Enable Diagonal Zero Bid/Ask Compares? This input determines whether price levels where zero volume traded at the bid or ask (including the highest and lowest prices in within the bar) are evaluated for imbalance calculations.
EmojiZone Mode Please refer to this link for EmojiZone documentation.
Select whether the EmojiZone is set to: Disabled, Fixed Projection, Extend Until Future Intersection or Dynamic Support/Resistance Display.
EmojiZone Fixed Projection Distance Specifies the number of bars from the current bar that a Fixed Projection EmojiZone will be drawn.[/row_column]
EmojiZone Extension Line Label Specifies the line label (can be left blank) for an Extend Until Future Intersection EmojiZone line.
EmojiZone Dynamic Break Threshold When using a Dynamic Support/Resistance Display EmojiZone, this input sets the number of ticks by which the zone can be breached without it being regarded as having broken.
EmojiZone Dynamic Evaluation LevelsIf set to 0, every current EmojiZone is evaluated at each study calculation. To reduce processing time, a non-zero value will limit calculation to the nearest n EmojiZones to the current price where n is the value entered in this setting.
Symbol Offset (Ticks) Specifies the indicator’s display position above/below the current bar.
Calculation Frequency Specifies whether the indicator is calculated in real time or only at bar close

Subgraph ID Subgraph Description
SG1 Trapped Traders Condition Evaluates to: 1 when sellers are trapped by larger passive buyers; -1 when buyers are trapped by larger passive sellers; 0 otherwise.
SG2 Trapped Sellers Indicator The symbol used to indicate trapped sellers, i.e. selling absorption by large passive buyers.
SG4 Trapped Buyers Indicator The symbol used to indicate trapped buyers, i.e. buying absorption by large passive sellers.
SG6EmojiZone Properties Use the Color, Width/Size and Transparency Level for Fill Styles inputs to customise the appearance of this indicator’s EmojiZones. Please refer to this link for the EmojiZone documentation.