POC Extension

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Track the most significant price levels for potential support/resistance


The Point of Control (POC) indicates the price level at which the highest volume of trades occurred within the current price bar. This indicator draws an EmojiZone from the current bar’s POC. When price is trending, the POC can provide an effective short-term support/resistance level that can be used as a basis for a trailing stop. This indicator is also useful for highlighting a Naked POC (Naked Point of Control – also referred to as a Virgin POC), i.e. a bar’s high volume price that has not yet been revisited.

Input Name Description
EmojiZone Mode Please refer to this link for EmojiZone documentation.
Select whether the EmojiZone is set to: Disabled, Fixed Projection, Extend Until Future Intersection or Dynamic Support/Resistance Display.
EmojiZone Fixed Projection Distance Specifies the number of bars from the current bar that a Fixed Projection EmojiZone will be drawn.
EmojiZone Extension Line Label Specifies the line label (can be left blank) for an Extend Until Future Intersection EmojiZone line.
EmojiZone Dynamic Break Threshold When using a Dynamic Support/Resistance Display EmojiZone, this input sets the number of ticks by which the zone can be breached without it being regarded as having broken.
EmojiZone Dynamic Evaluation Levels If set to 0, every current EmojiZone is evaluated at each study calculation. To reduce processing time, a non-zero value will limit calculation to the nearest n EmojiZones to the current price where n is the value entered in this setting.

ID Subgraph Description
SG1 POC Price Use to track the POC price for alerts, spreadsheet and ACSIL automated trading systems.
SG2EmojiZone Properties Use the Color, Width/Size and Transparency Level for Fill Styles inputs to customise the appearance of this indicator’s EmojiZones. Please refer to this link for the EmojiZone documentation.